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Our rooms were completely renovated in 2019 in order to offer you all the comforts you need for your stay. They have everything you need for a comfortable stay throughout the year. Our accommodation can accommodate couples, families and even large groups as it has maisonettes. You can also enjoy the view of the sea and the lush green lawn located in the exterior of the building.

Nea Fokea

The beautiful seaside village of N. Fokea with the well-preserved Byzantine tower of St. Paul, the picturesque harbor, the beautiful beaches and the clean sea attracts tourists of all ages. Because it was founded in 1922 by refugees in historical times. Sani is built on the West Beach and Skithai is built on the Gulf of Toroneos. In 1407 Ioannis Palaiologos ceded the area of the present village to the monastery of St. Paul of Mount Athos. Then the Byzantine tower was built, which survives until today. In Pyrgos in 1821 had established the headquarters of the leader of the revolution in Halkidiki Emmanuel Papas. Nea Fokea is located near Sani, a tourist resort that you should definitely visit during your stay in the area. The Festival of Apostles Peter and Paul is interesting, on 29-30 June. The liturgy is held in the Chapel of St. Paul, located at the entrance of the village.


Paul the Apostle commonly known as Saint Paul and also known by his Jewish name Saul of Tarsus, was a writer of about half of the books of the New Testament and an apostle who taught the gospel of Christ to the first-century world. One of the most important routes of religious interest in Greece is the “Steps of Apostle Paul”

First Tour.

The 45th Paul, together with Barnabas and the evangelist Markus, began from Antioch to Seleucea, where they preached. Then they sailed to Cyprus, where they founded christian churches.
From Cyprus on board, they visited Perge of Asia Minor, Iconium, Lystra and Dervy. 48th Paul went to Jerusalem and took part in the Apostolic Session.

Second Tour.

At 52, starting from Antioch, he visited cities in Asia Minor and arrived to Troy. The mission was attended by Timothy, Silas and Evangelist Luke. From Troy by boat he went to Kavala and from there to Philippi, where he founded a church.
Then he went to Athens, where he declared to the Areopagus the true god. Then he went to Corinth and came to Ephesus.

Third Tour.

The 56 visited parts of Asia Minor, Greece (Corinth and Macedonia) and then Jerusalem. There the Jews caught him, but the Roman commander sent him to Caesarea in Palestine, where he remained imprisoned for two years. At that time, he relied on the status of the Roman citizen and sent him escort to Rome to sue. In Rome, after spending two years in prison, he was finally tried and acquitted.

Fourth Tour.

After being liberated, he visited the cities of Asia Minor, Crete and Epirus. He went to Rome in 67 and, according to some sources, met with Apostle Peter. But then, Neron conquered him and killed him on June 29, when his memory is celebrated.


It is located at the eastern boundaries of the village “New Fokaia” and it is a carved corridor which ends up in a rectangular carved underground chamber. It is probably an ancient tomb that was converted to a temple in Byzantine times. At the corner of the corridor there is a reservoir where the holy water is concentrated.
According to the tradition, when Paul went to Jerusalem to declare Christianity, he was persecuted by the Ierissians and found no where to hide and begged God to save him. Then in a marvelous way he opened a hole in the earth and found himself in the corresponding gap in that rock in Kassandra. Both chasms that exist to date and are dedicated as chapels to Apostle Paul are pouring out Holy water.


Restaurants - Super Market

  • Manos fish tavern 4 km.
  • Sergiani fish tavern 4 km.
  • Oregano Homemade Cooking 4 km.
  • Massalia 4 km.
  • Cozzy Cafe Bar 4 km.

Places to visit

  • Toronaios gulf 0,1 km.
  • Holy water of Saint Paul 4 km.
  • Byzantine tower of Nea fokea 4 km.
  • Sani resort 10 km.

Nearest airports

  • Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia” 62.8 km.